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Graphic editing

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Images and graphics are the cherry on top of information transfer - they will make a good documentation even more intuitive and easier to understand. A graphic can easily illustrate a complex issue. For this to work, the relevant information must be carefully processed, and the selected form of representation must be able to support the transfer of information. Consequent text/image references makes sure that your customers can handle your products easily and efficiently.

We understand each other

Using established and well-proven software solutions, we guarantee problem-free data exchange for our customers. Compatibility with different system platforms goes without saying. Also, we're able to integrate or convert different and somewhat exotic formats.

Different representations for different requirements


For a perfect result, we always choose a type of representation that fits both the target group and the customer's requirements. There are cases where a simple drawing of the product is perfectly sufficient. In other cases, you might be better off with a 3D animation.

Ready for the future

We are one of the few service providers who are seriously looking into the topic of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic). What use is an optimized process for technical writing in an XML-based system if there's no feasible way to integrate graphics? That's why we're trying to establish SVGs and animated SVGs in Technical Documentation. Since SVGs are based on the meta language XML and thus are ASCII text, they could easily be used as standard graphics in this field. Also, they're the perfect formats to be integrated in XML-based content management systems.